Medical Equipment Repair

Here at Advanced Electronic Diagnostics all medical equipment is personally repaired and restored by certified bio-medical engineers on sight. Our medical equipment repair offers the highest quality guaranteed. We offer medical equipment repair for worldwide customers. Send us your equipment and we will ship it back to you in perfect working condition. Communication is key when it comes to the timely repair of your equipment and we make sure your repaired device is returned to you as quick as possible.

Professional Service

Service is a top priority and we communicate thoroughly with our clients keeping them abreast on the status of their equipment ensuring repairs to be conducted in a timely manner.

We offer delivery services as well, pending location and also ship worldwide. Advanced Electronic Diagnostics excels in quality services call now and allow us to provide you with that experience today.​​

Service Request Form

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  • Is this a Stress System, an Ultrasound, or some other device?
  • Does the problem happen every time? Is the machine operable at all?
    How urgent is your repair? If equipment is down, and you require immediate service, please call first.

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