BRIT Systems

The Brit Systems Software has many features that every physician will need every day to improve their workflow. Let AED show you how easy it is, and how much you can save!

The Brit Systems Software has many features that every physician will need every day to improve their workflow. Let AED show you how easy it is, and how much you can save!

Brit Systems Patient Scheduling Module

Brit Systems Patient Scheduling Module

BRIT RoentgenWorks ASP

BRIT RoentgenWorks ASP

Advanced Electronic Diagnostics, Inc. is proud to provide Digital Imaging storage solutions for all types of medical practices.

Are you seeking an affordable way to manage your imaging data?

We are authorized distributors for BRIT Systems, Inc. The 100% Browser-based RoentgenWorks ASP SaaS Offering is your answer to low-cost, full-featured Vendor Neutral PACS and Archive, RIS and teleradiology.

We’re so convinced that you will love your experience with Roentgen Works, BRIT Systems now offers a pay-per-use option that will get you started with minimal or no upfront costs!

Our ASP SaaS Offering is built using the latest Internet technologies, the modular Roentgen Works lets you add more features and functionality as needed, such as critical results and ER discordance reporting and remote reading applications. We can integrate with any standards-based system and since Roentgen Works is 100% Browser-based, you won’t need to install any software.

BRIT’s flexible ASP offerings let you experience everything that Roentgen Works has to offer – or implement just what you need. Our ASP offering utilizes fully-redundant, secure Roentgen Works servers that are hosted at our facilities. BRIT ensures the integrity of all your data. Plus, you can further reduce cost by setting up your own modalities, HL7 connections and users.

BRIT offers multiple options to address your facility’s needs:

Roentgen Works – Basic Image Distribution – $0.50 per Study

  • Unlimited medical image viewing with the Browser-based WebWorks
  • Unlimited access using our DoctorWorks iPad application
    (Note: DoctorWorks is sold separately at the iTunes App Store for $49, no additional license fees)
  • Studies stored for 60 days
  • Replicated systems for redundancy and performance
  • Includes Patient Discovery for locating and retrieving comparison studies
  • Great way to provide Referring Physician access
  • No long term contract, no setup fee if support/training is not required
    *Minimum monthly fees apply
    *Additional charge for studies over 50 Megabytes after compression

Roentgen Works – Archival Services – starts at $0.85 per Study

  • 3-year, 5-year or extended storage options
  • Includes all features of the Basic Image Distribution Package
  • Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) capable
  • Retrieved comparison studies stored for 60 days
    ** Minimum monthly fees apply

Roentgen Works – Additional Services – call for pricing

  • Bi-directional HL7 Interfaces for patient, order and report updates
  • RIS Scheduling using our integrated RIS
  • Extended Report Storage (retain Report after Study has been deleted)
  • Faxing/Emailing of Reports
  • UrgentWorks Critical Results Reporting and Emergency Messaging System
  • ER Discordance Tools
  • NHIN Gateway for locating and retrieving CCR/CDAs for patients within a HIE
  • Roentgen Works Flow – Remote Reading Workflow for Radiologists
  • DICOM Connectivity Support
  • HL7 Integration
  • VPN Setup
  • Local PACSView DICOM Viewer/DICOM Router includes HTTPS support
  • Local Roentgen Works Cache Server available to store the most recent studies and provide access to your modalities and users

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