Sony DVO-1000MD


Sony Medical DVD recorder.  Functions same as a VHS video recorder.

Refurbished like new $1500.00  List price new $3500.00  1 Year Warranty. Includes all cables and free technical support

The Sony DVO-1000MD (DVO1000MD) is the only medical grade DVD recorder that features a built in hard drive. This recorder has exclusive features DVORECOVERY™ making this recorder one of the most user friendly recorders we have ever designed. DVORECOVERY enables the end user to re-capture lost video due to an accidental power outage.

The DVO-1000MD employs industry standard MPEG 2 video compression to capture images with exceptional clarity. The DVO-1000MD utilizes a 80 Gigabyte Hard Drive to store up to 30 hours of video.

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