Quinton Q-4500 Stress System



The Quinton Q-4500 stress test monitor is a patient ready, Certified Refurbished, all inclusive stress test system which is capable of handling all your ECG monitoring needs. The Quinton Q-4500 features a nice keyboard, big display screen, high resolution chart recorder, and an oversize soft-touch exercise device control which allows treadmill or bicycle operation.

Additional features and benefits of the Quinton Q-4500 include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • 14 inch monitor, adjustable
  • 12 leads of ECG
  • Drive for storing various information, including patient data
  • Self-feeding chart recorder automatically threads the paper
  • Eight options for audio or visual alarms or presets
  • Learn to operate the system with the built-in ECG simulator
  • Digital filter greatly reduces muscle artifact
  • Various configurations for screen, ST measurement points, format of reports, as well as report editing capability
  • Compatible with Quinton MedTrack ST and Q-Series treadmills
  • 90 day warranty



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