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    Businesses need to save money where possible, and Amazon Prime is a great place to shop for many ordinary business needs including those of the Information Technology department! You can save a lot of money by shopping online, and with Prime, you get free shipping, so not only don't you have to leave the comfort of your home, but you also are even spared the expense that so doing would incur. At the same time, you do have to be careful, because you can just as easily purchase the¬†wrong equipment online, so it pays to make sure that the person doing the shopping is a professional who truly knows the correct parts for your needs. An example of this comes from a customer of mine, not too long ago upgraded to VOIP, and they were quite proud of themselves, they bought the whole system and all of the phones all on their own, and called me up, thinking that all that they needed was to hook it all up and turn it all on. Well, it turns out that the phones they bought did not support their gigabit network (Polycom VVX400 vs VVX410) and so they had to return all of the phones and get them replaced with the correct model that would preserve the full speed of their network. So, it pays to have a professional do the shopping for you, even when you're looking for simpler electronic products for around the office such as computers, monitors, TVs, printers, and even audio visual stations. We offer professional shopper services, where we provide you with the¬†actual vendor receipt, so that you know that there is no markup, but we charge a modest time-based fee for shopping, because the fact of the matter is, getting the best buy on the Internet is not always instant, nor easy, and it does require one of our trained professionals to take time-out from other tasks and focus on your needs. For this, we do charge a fee, but the fee is labor only, and non-taxable; any taxes paid for products will be charged by the respective vendor online at their site, and would be reported and included on the vendor receipts due to the customer. What's more, is that many times new computers need to be setup before they can be used; they might come with crapware and other unwanted programs, not the least of which are unwanted and sometimes incompatible anti-virus programs that do not fit into corporate frameworks. We offer delivery services within reasonable ranges, and reshipment services to other contractual customers, so call us today to see how we can completely reconfigure the IT landscape of your office or practice without the expense of in-house IT.    

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