Ultrasound Sales & Service

Advanced Electronic Diagnostics provides expert sales and service for all major medical ultrasound devices!

We buy, repair, and sell ultrasound probes at a substantially lower price than our competitors. These probes are a great product at a great price! Florida practices using these probes can save thousands when they buy their probes with us, especially when paired with a qualified service contract.

Medical Equipment Repair

Service is a top priority, and we communicate thoroughly with our customers, keeping them up to date on the status of their equipment and/or repairs as we go along, helping them to ensure timely completion and minimizing the possibility of any down time.

Our service technicians cover all of Greater Florida and can be on-site as soon as they are needed, and repair or replace your equipment efficiently and effectively.

Advanced Electronic Diagnostics, Inc. excels in quality services, call us today and let us provide you with that experience today!

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